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paimated antlers, and is usually spotted. It seems to be an
introduced species, common report pointing to the [Romans as
the introducers. It would be more correct to say ee re-introduced "
for fossil remains of this Deer have been met with.

. 152. — Ltthdorirs Beer.     C&nms luekdorffi.

(From JSTatwre.)

1 contains probably two  species, JK, cephalophus of
Milne-Edwards and  JK, micManus of Swinhoe, both from China.
The antlers are small  and unbranched;  the  canines in  the male-
axe  ma^iiTe;   it   differs  from Cermdus,  to   which   it   is  closely
d; principally in the ateence of frontal glands.     The second
Gaanwi,,   **Ou   the   CMiaese   I>eer   Bjwaed JLophotragus   mickianus by  Mr,
» Łtoa> 1876, p. 7S7. '